Gift Voucher - Signature Neck release

Gift Voucher - Signature Neck release



Signature Neck release is an innovative new treatment by Bali Health Lounge. It is focused on helping people with neck tension.

Neck pain and tension is one of the main problems people come to us with, and is often attributed to one of three things:
1. Sitting at the computer for a prolonged period of time, or
2. Sleep in an awkward position, or;
3. Strain of a muscle because of bad posture.


Anxiety and stress can also sometimes cause tension in your neck muscles, leading to neck pain, headaches and dizzy spells.

The treatment has been developed in-house by our team with the assistance of our industry leading trainers.
Our neck release treatment solely works on muscles connected through to the neck, being glutes, back, shoulders, and the neck itself.
We spend a lot of time identifying tension including tightness and any knots in the neck muscle. Then using pressure points, we work to release the tension.
This can be painful depending on how much tension is stored. 
Our clients may find that after your treatment you may get a headache. This is from where circulation is improved and blood is going to areas where tension was released.
After this, our clients have found themselves with improved mobility, fewer headaches and reduced tension in the neck.

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